Safety & Animal Welfare 

Shooting is a highly targeted, species specific and humane method of destroying pest and nuisance animals. Trapping and baiting can also be an effective control methods on sites where shooting cannot be conducted.


PRECISION OUTCOMES understands the inherent risks involved when conducting these operations in the challenging environments that are often encountered in the field. Safety is a primary objective and our team has developed the most extensive and specific Safety Management System available today for any operator. This system is underpinned by bespoke software that has been endorsed by various government clients and meets all statutory obligations.

Our team maintains an unblemished safety record across some of the highest risk vertebrate pest management control operations that have been conducted in Australia to date.


Within our Quality Management System, and in the interests of continuous improvement our team is routinely audited by multiple veterinary & animal welfare groups. These audits ensure that our operations are independently reviewed and completed both humanely and safely, often in high density urban and peri-urban areas.