The Services provided by PRECISION OUTCOMES are regulated by multiple government authorities including Police, Department of Primary Industries, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Local Land Services (and jurisdictional equivalents). Accordingly, our team is highly trained, qualified, appropriately licensed and insured to undertake all contracted control assignments. 

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Qualifications, Licenses, Permits, Insurance and Accreditation


Team members hold graduate and vocational qualifications in knowledge areas as diverse as: rural management, animal husbandry, security risk management, command & control, law, justice, occupational first aid, firearms instruction, and humane destruction of animals. All marksmen and women have participated in high level competitions to hone their requisite skills, with many possessing police and or military experience.


Each team member has undergone accuracy testing at a government level and relevant services are completed in accordance with recognized Codes of Practice.


Copies of our team's credentials are available on request and include:


  • NSW Category A, B, C and/or D vertebrate pest – contract shooter firearms licences (covering in certain circumstances Residential lands)

  • DPI Game Licensing Unit – Professional & Restricted Standard Licences

  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Shooting from Aerial Platform Licence


  • NSW Firearms Business Other Permits – non-rural lands

  • NSW Police Commissioners Permit (suppressers)

  • Tranquilliser Rifle Permit

  • Permit to Harm Native Animals (General)

  • Local Land Services 1080/ Pindone Authorised User Permits


  • $20 million Public Liability Insurance cover

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Additional accreditations

  • ACT Kangaroo Cull Shooter Proficiency Qualification (Accuracy / Macropod identification)

  • ANC31810 Certificate II in Vertebrate Pest Management

  • Certified 4wd & SxS vehicles off road training

  • DPI Outdoor Navigation (including effective use of GPS devices) for all team members

  • Game Meat handling and Hygiene Accreditation

  • Military level dog handling & detection course competency (Belgium Malinois)

  • Precision Shooting Australia: Long Range Shooting Course (successfully competency assessed from 440m – 1.4km)

  • Proprietary company certificates

  • Relevant company safety inductions and registration on client safety compliance platforms such as BP Conserve for multiple clients

  • Senior First Aid certificates for all team members

  • Sporting Shooters Association of Australia members

  • Work Cover White Card for all team members