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About Us


PRECISION OUTCOMES is a Sydney based vertebrate pest control business that delivers professional contract shooting and trapping services of feral and pest animals.


Declared pest species include wild dogs, rabbits, hares, foxes, pigeons and feral pigs. Other pest animals in various jurisdictions may include wild buffalo, horses, ducks, deer, and in some unique instances native fauna. 

The services offered by our  team provide for a discrete, humane, affordable, ethical and targeted solution to the legal requirements of vertebrate pest animal control primarily via safe, accurate and meticulous contract shooting (on foot. ground vehicle based and from aerial platforms), trapping and baiting by highly trained and licensed professionals.

Precision Outcomes has been providing professional vertebrate pest management services, primarily to government clients & numerous local Councils with great success. Our services cover the full scope of control methods and are completed by highly competent, experienced and well trained professionals. Through effective risk management, our primary focus is the delivery of safe operations that do not expose clients and or our business to reputational damage or liability.



fee structure

Flexible contractual arrangements covering single service, fee for service, and fixed price options are available at competitive industry rates. Please contact us for a free appraisal of your needs and provision of a detailed proposal and quotation.