Case Studies

High risk deer cull operation at major freeway development site


Our team was engaged to complete a cull of a herd of deer that had taken up residence within a major freeway development site. The deer posed a significant risk to motor vehicles and occupants travelling at speed if they sought to leave the site and cross the freeway in either direction.



The site was under 200m wide and 500m long and situated between multiple lanes of freeway traffic. While opportunities existed for temporary road closures to be implemented, traffic could not be stopped for more than brief periods.


The topography was assessed, and relevant safety planning completed in close consultation with our government client and the major stakeholder being the construction contractor. A Safe Shooting Plan was developed that integrated operations of the construction contractor (including a detailed traffic management & containment plan), police notifications and support with government client oversight. Operations were subsequently, successfully and safely completed over multiple periods to cull (via vehicle, ground based shooting)  and remove the deer from the site with minimal disruption, distraction or interruption to freeway users.