Case Studies

Control of Feral Deer Populations


Maintaining one the largest portfolio of significant government contracts that require the management of wild deer via ground & vehicle-based shooting operations in Australia.



These operations are conducted in accordance with well documented/ established safety procedures, in differing topography (ranging from steep rural properties to peri-urban and in some instances residential back yards) and are completed with strict government oversight. Team members must be trained / accredited to the highest standard within the industry and are often audited by various entities while completing their operations. Different contracts necessitate the use of a wide range of expensive, fit for purpose vehicles, trailers, and physical / electronic equipment to target all wild deer species types found in Australia.


Each contract has been serviced without incident and to our client’s complete satisfaction, with up to 25 deer culled per night and in excess of 5000 deer removed across the contracts.

Teams are adept at working with limited supervision, often at night in remote environments where maintaining self-sufficiency safety is paramount and communications can be challenging.