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Resources & Equipment

PRECISION OUTCOMES maintains all necessary resources and equipment to accommodate the specialist needs of any project including (but not limited to):
  • The largest combined team of fully qualified professional marksmen and women, trappers, chemical agent officers and detection dog handlers in NSW;

  • A fleet of fit for purpose, four wheel/ drive/ side by side vehicles and trailers that have appropriate ergonomically designed and assessed measures,  equipped with relevant safety, operational, manual handling and security features that support  safe operations from various positions;

  • Pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, rim fire and small-medium calibre centrefire rifles (suppressed) - For use in urban and public environments experiencing issues with small to mid-size target pest animals. These rifles are incredibly accurate and amazingly quiet when suppressed. We are also equipped to work at night ensuring limited disturbance to the local amenity of residents or native fauna;

  • Large calibre, (suppressed) centre-fire rifles and shotguns – For use on rural land experiencing issues with mid to large target pest animals.  These firearms can accurately account for larger target species, in quick succession, across short, medium and long range situations;

  • Innovative traps that can be remotely monitored for activation, ensuring that animal welfare is always maintained; and

  • Fully trained detection dogs and handlers that can be used to detect dens, track and or disrupt feral animal activity.

We also benefit from the use of a range of other specialist military/ law enforcement grade, contemporary night vision and thermal imaging equipment that supports our effective and safe shooting, trapping and or detection operations.

Baiting can also be utilised but can come at a high cost to the environment with less targeted and collateral damage occurring to native wildlife across the food chain and potentially impacting domestic pets. Baiting is therefore only used in appropriate locations and in accordance with relevant legislation and poisons restrictions.